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3/27/2012 Site updated! Tika's Seafood Medley, Harrell's Merry Merry Topiary, Light'n up, and new platters were added!

11/30/2011 We unfortunately will NOT be able to offer free shipping promotion any more. We have had several wholesale cost increases on the products sold on the site, yet we've maintained the same selling price for our loyal returning customers; however, the shipping charge has skyrocketed to the point that we are lucky to not lose money on the orders taken. We can either increase the prices across the board to cover free shipping or simply remove the free shipping promotion. We believe the latter is the more honest approach and hope you feel the same.


7/23/2010 We are bringing back our FREE SHIPPING promotion! Any order over $200 (before tax) would automatically reflect the discount when checking out!

7/22/2010 After a long time neglecting this little gem, we've just completed an update on all pages!


Images used on elofa.com are scanned directly from wholesale catalog provided by their manufacturer. They contain wholesale packing information that are not applicable to elofa.com. Please do NOT rely on information provided in product images; instead, use information given under "Description" of each item. The above is stated in our "Policies" section as well.

We would like to publicly apologize to those valuable customers who were confused by our website and had to be issued refund because we were unable to follow through with the transaction based on wholesale pack.


Elofa Studio

Most of you have discovered our little corner on the internet from seeing us at Christmas or holiday shows in various cities in Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. We enjoyed meeting you at the shows and appreciate you taking the time to visit.

As most of you know, we've been able to offer these designer ceramics at over 30% off MSRP because we don't have as much overhead as a traditional retail store, and we also believe FREE CAPITALISM! In the unlikelihood of a competitor offering the same items at a lower price, please let us know, and we'll surely convince you that we are the better store. :)

If you order more than $100, we'll even include FREE SHIPPING! When dealing with these large bulky ceramics, that's a huge saving.

As you go through page, please do keep in mind that pictures never do ceramics justice. It doesn't matter how good a camera we use, the resulting picture simply doesn't look as good as the actual item.

Also, it will be helpful to have a ruler handy. Some of these items look small in the picture, but they are in fact over 20 inches long! We don't want you to be surprised to receive a huge platter when you thought you were ordering dinner plates.

Some more tips when navigating though Elofa.com. You have full control over how you can view the pictures, and the control looks like (at the bottom of each picture):


  • You can ZOOM into the pictures by dragging the triangle shaped control left or right. Drag it to the left to zoom out, and drag it to the right to zoom in.
  • Clicking on the "+" and "-" would zoom in and out as well. If the picture becomes blurry, please wait a moment or two for the necessary graphics to download. Once it's completed, you should see a very clear image.
  • The arrow keys move the display window in that direction. If a section of the picture becomes blurry, please wait a moment or two for the necessary graphics to download. Once it's completed, you should see a very clear image.
  • The right most button resets the display window to show the full page again. In case you become "lost" after zooming in and out, you can always just click this button to go back to where you got started. :)

Due to the nature of our business, we can't guarantee that all items on our site are "in stock." In the event that an item is out of stock, we'll contact you via e-mail for some possible subsittution or refund.

That's all, folks! ENJOY!